About the Blog

My name is Kristen, and my husband Dave and I have set out to do something I never would have imagined I’d be interested in: build a tiny house! After talking with friends, being on a strict budget, and watching/reading materials on the subject, Dave and I have decided to dedicate ourselves to this lifestyle for many reasons.

1. Dave is a geologist, and over the course of our relationship, he has encouraged me to be more conscientious not only with my use of resources (renewable or not) but to also think more of the bigger picture than my immediate impulsiveness. Building a tiny house will not only reduce our amount of THINGS, but will allow us more flexibility to use our money on traveling and life experiences rather than bills.

2. While reading books and watching documentaries about tiny homes,  Dave and I realized that, while these people were reducing their footprint and their stuff, they were using all new materials for these homes that have a rudimentary foundation in minimalism. Minimalism for us is reducing: reducing material goods, reducing impact on environment, reducing need for new production of materials. SO, our goal throughout this project is to use AS MANY reused objects as possible in the building and creation of our new home. This blog is a tool to document our successes and struggles so that others may learn from our mistakes and see this venture as a great possibility instead of a pipe dream as we originally thought of it.

We hope to be some of the pioneers for this type of reused building.  Please comment and share any resources you have found to be helpful as we do the same. The journey has officially begun!




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