About Kristen and Dave

Dave and I (Kristen) have been together since January of 2013 and were ecstatically married in late May of 2014. We are both particular people, so it came as quite a shock that we were able to find a partner we not only respected but wanted to spend the rest of our life with. While I have studied and traveled abroad in Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica, Dave has traveled throughout the US, searching for the most beautiful and remote places to spend time as long as he could. Together, we have traveled extensively throughout the West, hitting most of the national parks along the way. Our travel virus has fortunately only begun thanks to the flexibility of a tiny house once we have built it.

Dave has a BS from Northern Arizona University in Geology and is going back to school at Prescott College to get his teacher certification so that he can help mold the minds of high school students to be more aware of the environment around them and care about this beautiful world we reside in. Dave has worked all over the place from volunteering for the forest service in Idaho to working on oil rigs in the northeast and Texas. He is a true wild-man at heart and loves the outdoors to the point of exhaustion when others don’t seem to care much about them.

I have my BA in both English with teacher cert. for high school and Foreign Languages (concentration in Spanish) from Eastern Illinois University. I teach college prep high school English, classical and medieval literature to freshmen, as well as a world history and geography course that Dave helps me with. I am also starting a teaching blog to share some of the techniques I have found that really work in the classroom. You can find me on wordpress at Edge on Education if you are interested :].

Overall, Dave and I are ridiculously excited to get started on this project with the help of friends and online/print resources and we hope that you will continue on this journey with us and possibly even use some of our blunders for your successes!


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