SOLD! Our Sustainable, Off-Grid Tiny House is Up for Sale

UPDATE: We have received a deposit and will be selling the house to Wild and Radish- check out this awesome nonprofit HERE


While we hate to do this, we are selling the tiny house. Our loss will definitely be your gain. It was a very difficult decision, but we ended up deciding that it was best for us to live in a tiny apartment and bike to work and school rather than drive a half hour each way.

We are selling the house for $34,500. Please contact us through this blog (the Contact page) or at if you are interested.

The price includes all of the basic utilities in the house, one 250 gallon water tank, two 10 gallon propane tanks, and the entire solar set-up (batteries only a year and a half old and have 8-10 year life expectancy), so the house is ready to go off-grid as we used it. Well tank and 24 volt pump also included. We have also made aesthetic improvements including tile on the bathroom window, frame around kitchen window, wood rounds framing lights in living room/kitchen, side table/shelving in living room, insulated battery boxes on deck, and much more.

Pictures available HERE



7 thoughts on “SOLD! Our Sustainable, Off-Grid Tiny House is Up for Sale

  1. 2hayburners says:

    Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you, but I hope you keep the blog up regarding your experience with tiny living. Thanks for creating this blog! Best of luck to you in your next chapter of adventures. =)


  2. Isabelle says:

    if this house was for sale in europe I would buy it in a heartbeat. so so beautifully made & special! good luck and I hope you’ll leave the blog up for future tiny house builders!


  3. It is so sad that circumstances can cause folks to abandon something they had worked so hard to achieve. I remember watching your videos months ago and thinking that you did a good job incorporating all the necessities into your tiny house. You are young and on the track to finish school so there is always time to start working on new dreams! Good luck!


  4. denverkat276 says:

    I really loved this house. I guess I’m curious if you think that you will go back to the “Tiny house” lifestyle? You did a fabulous job both of you!!


  5. Halina says:

    We currently hold a grant with BC Housing and are developing a project that focuses on boosting sociability in multifamily housing. We would like to use an image from your article for the report that we are creating, since we are trying to capture housing that promotes sociability with conventional, suburban models. We would write under the image the source and give full credit to the author. We would very much appreciate your help. Best, Halina


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