Wiring a Tiny House

20141129_152848         20141129_152820






We were unable to make use of much in the way of recycled materials for the wiring. I did go to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in search of outlet and switches, but elected to use newer fixtures with safety features.

**Disclaimer** I am not an electrician and am giving no advice (no good advice) on the subject. You probably shouldn’t wire your house by yourself. But for your entertainment…

                           20141129_153012       20141129_152835 

I decided to go with 12 gauge wire to cut down on voltage loss and to allow for future upgrades. I was somewhat daunted by this aspect of building before starting, but as I watched a few DIY videos I became more at ease. After completing the electrical work I would say that it was one of the easier jobs thus far.

20141129_153127                20141129_153108

I bought a small (6 slot) standard breaker box and drew a diagram of our outlet, switch, fan, smoke detector and light fixture arrangement based on our floor plan. I ended up using 3 circuits, 2 of which are GFCI protected. We have 3-way switches to allow us to control the kitchen lights from both levels, dimming LED recessed lights in the living room, tamper resistant outlets throughout and 2 outdoor outlets.


A few tips:

I feel like the heavy duty plastic boxes are worth the extra money; the cheap ones just seem too flimsy.

The tamper resistant outlets are a good option if you have or plan to have kids.

The good wire strippers are worth the money. Klein makes a set that strips Romex as well as 12/14 AWG wire and cuts the wire with ease.

3-way switches aren’t all that difficult to wire and they will make your life easier in the long run.

GFCI outlets are cheaper than the GFCI breakers and do the same job. We put one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom


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